Property Rentals

We offer Landlords different levels of property management. Every client is unique and we offer flexibility so each landlord receives the service they require. See our list of services offered below.

​*Additional services offered include:
*Advice on improving the letting/selling potential of a property.
*Advertising for tenant
*Preparing Tenancy Agreement
*Holding Deposit, collection of Rent and chase non-payment of rent.
*Full Property Inventory at start and end of tenancy agreement and holding spare keys.
*Regular property inspection- at frequencies agreed with the landlord.

In an age of litigation, even the smallest of imperfections inside, or even outside, a rental property could be costly for any landlord - even more so if that landlord’s company reputation is at risk. Recent changes to health and safety procedures mean that regular, documented visits to a rental property not only reduce the chances of anything going wrong, but also cover clients for due diligence. 
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